Useful tips before performing the security check

  • Accesul în zona filtrelor de control de securitate este permis doar posesorilor unei cărți de îmbarcare valabile.
  • It is recommended that people with pacemakers inform security before going through the metal detector gate.
  • At security checkpoints, passengers are required to follow the directions of security personnel.
  • In order to reduce crowding at the security screening filters, passengers must ensure that they do not have in their luggage (both in the cabin and in the hold) items prohibited for carriage on the aircraft.

In order to make the time allocated to the security control more efficient, you must:

  • take off your coats, overcoats and jackets; they will be controlled separately;
  • remove your laptops and other large electrical devices from your hand luggage; they will be controlled separately.
  • present all liquids in your possession to the security personnel for examination.

Examples of liquids:

  • water and other drinks, soups, syrups;
  • creams, lotions and oils;
  • perfumes;
  • sprays;
  • gels, including hair gels and shower gels;
  • the contents of pressurized containers, including shaving foam, other foams and deodorants;
  • pastes, including toothpaste;
  • mixtures of liquid and solid substances.

For More Details Regarding Security Control Visit the Page of the Romanian Information Service