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Stimați pasageri,

The opening hours for the public at the toll-parking counter are Monday-Sunday from 07:00 to 19:00.

The parking fee for cars in the airport car parks can be paid at the 4 existing toll booths in the public area.

  • In order to extend the subscriptions, it will be possible to proceed as follows:

  1. Extension at the toll machines (the invoice can be requested later at the toll booth or e-mail )
  2. At the toll booth parking Monday-Sunday from 07:00-19:00

  • For new subscriptions it will be possible to proceed as follows:

  1. At the toll booth parking Monday-Sunday from 07:00-19:00
  2. Request by e-mail

Dear passengers,

The office is intended for the purchase of parking passes, card payments and the issuance of tax invoices.

To pay for parking tickets, please use the parking toll booths.

Parking at Timisoara International Airport “Traian Vuia”

  • Car parking 1 – 490 places
  • Car parking 2 – 194 places

Additional information: 0256 – 386 089 int. 2209 or 2149.

Those wishing to stay longer may request the purchase of a parking pass at the toll booth at the A terminal.

Download the standard application for parking card issuance for partner institutions and companies.

The value of the parking service is automatically calculated according to the number of units used, specifying that any unit started is considered a whole unit.

Parking fees for vehicles in the airport perimeter in force from 01.03.2024

First 10 minutes 2
Within 10 min – 30 min 4
1 hour 7
1h and 30 min 11
2 hours 14
2 h and 30 min 18
3h 21
In the interval 3 h – 6 h (tariff / 30 minutes) 3
3h and 30 min 24
4h 27
4h and 30 min 30
5 h 33
5 h and 30 min 36
6 h 39
In the interval 6 h – 12 h RATES: 40 lei
6 h and 30 min 40
7h 40
7 h and 30 min 40
8 h 40
8 h and 30 min 40
9 h 40
9 h and 30 min 40
10 h 40
10 h and 30 min 40
11 h 40
11 h and 30 min 40
12h 40
In the interval 12 h – 24h
RATES: 60 lei
12 h and 30 min 60
13 h 60
14 h 60
24 h 60
In the interval 24h -48 h
RATES: 80 lei
24 h and 30 min 80
25 h 80
26 h 80
36 h 80
48 h 80
In the interval 48 h – 168h RATE: 100 lei
49 h 100
50 h 100
100 h 100
168 h 100
For the first 7 days (over 168 hours) tariff 10 lei / day 15 lei/day


P1 and P3 P2
1 month 200 170
3 months 550 420
6 months 1.000 700
12 months 1.500 1.200

Fees for other categories of users

Employees (legal persons) 80 lei/month
Employees institutions/economic agents airport 20 lei/month 20 lei/month
Taxi 450 lei/month
Rent-a-car P1 400 lei/month
Rent-a-car P2 200 lei/month

Rules of use

  • To avoid unpleasant situations, please pay attention to the significance of the signs installed around the airport perimeter, all the information displayed, as well as the instructions of the security guards.
  • Do not enter the car park without the ticket issued at the opening of the barrier!
  • Do not enter or exit the car park without scanning the access card in front of the reader if you have a subscription!
  • If you have not been issued a ticket, notify the security and order agents immediately.
  • Keep the ticket for payment: you can leave the car park only with the paid ticket
  • Parking fees and penalties applicable in the event of non-compliance with the instructions below are displayed at checkouts and within the car parks. Their amount is approved by Decisions of the Board of Directors and cannot be negotiated
  • At the entrance to the parking lot, pick up the ticket from the panel release, located on the left side, in front of the barrier.
  • Observe the distance between the cars (according to the signs located in the barrier area), so as to avoid access to the parking lot without picking up the ticket!
  • Leaving the car park is based on the ticket!
  • Customers who do not return the ticket are liable to pay penalties.
  • Uncollected tokens from the issuer, as well as those issued without car access, are immediately invalidated and will be retained.
  • During the entire visit to the Airport, the driver has the obligation to keep the parking ticket on him without damaging it.

ATTENTION! Not allowed:

  • Abusive use of parking spaces reserved for vehicles for people with reduced mobility
  • Parking outside the marked area
  • Loss, damage or non-presentation of the parking ticket


To make the payment: the parking toll office located in the public area within the terminal for domestic flights or the parking toll booth, located in P1.

The opening of the exit barriers is done automatically, after inserting the paid ticket in the barrier reader.

TIA is not responsible for:

– damage caused by non-compliance with the significance of signs and road markings on the territory of the airport, or by the instructions of law enforcement officers.

damage caused by the movement of barriers, in the situation of not keeping the distance between vehicles, regulated by road signs;

– extension of the duration of use of public parking lots due to the postponement of the landing / take-off hours of the aircraft;

– extension of the waiting time at the parking payment houses, during peak traffic periods;

– any immediate or subsequent consequence, direct or indirect, of non-compliance with this Regulation or of refusal to pay parking fees or of the penalties shown.

The TVCI cameras installed in the car parks are intended exclusively for the surveillance of the streams, the video recordings not being available to the public.

During the use of the parking lot, drivers have the obligation to insure the vehicles and the goods in them, in the parking tariff not including expenses for security.

Any comments / complaints regarding the provision of parking services are submitted to the information office located in the public area of ​​the airport or to the parking subscription payment desk.