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the island of a raw green with turquoise waters and enchanting landscapes. Skiathos is the most popular island among the Northern Sporades. This island lies east of the port of Volos and north of the island of Evia. The island has many wonderful places to offer for tourists of all ages. Many of them return to this wonderful place with the same delight year after year. The island is, in fact, the extension of Mount Pelion and the landscape reflects this perfectly. Skiathos is a green island with endless forests, surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea. The landscape is complemented by olive groves, plum, almond and vineyards. The success of the film Mamma Mia, made on this island, has created a kind of “mass hysteria”! This summer it’s worth coming to Skiathos with the whole family to enjoy a great holiday. From 11 June you have charter flights from
Timisoara International Airport “Traian Vuia”

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located in
south-eastern Aegean Sea,
lies at the intersection of two major Mediterranean shipping lanes, between the Aegean Sea and
Middle East coast
. Located at the confluence of three continents, it bears the imprint of several civilisations. Sunny island Rhodes is like a melting pot in which different cultures, traditions and customs mix. Thus, in the area we find numerous traces of its complex history.
is the largest island in
Dodecanese Archipelago
, considered as its pearl, a real tourist paradise. Rhodes is a magnet for tourists from all over the world due to the beauty of its monuments, mild climate, Levantine appearance and sunny beaches. It is also called Island of the Sun or Island of Roses. From 14 June, you have charter flights from
Timisoara International Airport “Traian Vuia”
to Rhodes, flights operated by
. Details of flight times and ticket prices can be found on the airline’s website, www.animawings.com

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, the island of miracles and forests, where Ulysses made his last stop on his way back to his native Ithaca, is a cosmopolitan, sophisticated tourist destination that happily combines relaxation with fun and an attractive nightlife.
is the northernmost of the Ionian islands and one of the most popular holiday destinations in Greece, close to the Albanian coast, from which it is separated by a strait 3 to 25 km wide. At 58 km long and only 25 km wide, Corfu is an island of forests and mountains with small, white houses hidden in the valleys, golden sandy beaches and people known for their hospitality. Covered by plantations of olive trees, cypresses and lemons, in addition, the sun, the fine sand, the blue sea are irresistible reasons why tens of thousands of tourists from all over the world come to Corfu every year to spend an unforgettable holiday. According to mythology, the name
Corfu (Kerkyra, in Greek)
originates from the name of the nymph
of which
(the god of the sea in Greek mythology) fell in love, kidnapped her and took her to this Ionian island. If you have decided to spend your holiday in Corfu, you should prepare yourself for a unique experience on the island of wild landscapes, simple people, good prices and welcoming beaches. Beaches in Corfu Corfu has a magnificent coastline: golden sandy beaches with colourful pebbles, beautiful gulf beaches and beautiful water. Ionian Sea whose shades of blue are a photo enthusiast’s delight. Corfu Island Beaches – Greece Corfu Island Beaches – Greece The eastern part of the island is perfect for relaxing holidays for families with children. In the north-eastern part of the island there are bays with picturesque beaches, with deeper waters just off shore, rather ideal for water sports. In the south-eastern part you will find fine sandy beaches, many traditional tavernas, the area is perfect for family holidays. On the west coast there are fine sandy beaches and spectacular bays.

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Crete is the largest of the Greek islands and has a long history dating back to the Minoan civilisation. It is known for its beautiful beaches, churches and history. Crete has many cities worth visiting. These towns each have their own unique charm to offer tourists. Island


has many cities worth exploring. You can visit the capital, Heraklion, or you can go to the smaller towns
. The largest city on the island is Heraklion. It has become a popular tourist destination for people from all over the world. Capital of Crete,
, is among the busiest cities in
with a wide range of attractions, including beaches and mountains. It is also home to the largest port and international airport in

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is said to have been the favourite island of
for its idyllic scenery, beautiful sandy beaches, deep, clear blue waters, seaside caves, magical sunsets and mild climate. And you will love Zakynthos for the same reasons, but also for the calm songs, the hospitable environment, the relaxed atmosphere and the culture here. Island Zakynthos is famous for the beauty of its wide, sandy beaches (in Vassilokos, Laganas, Kalamaki, Tsilivi and Alykes) and for the Caretta – Caretta turtles, a species protected by law. The island’s vegetation is rich and green especially in the higher hilly areas of the island, with olive groves, citrus groves and pine forests. Beaches are scattered along the north, south and east coasts, but the most beautiful and extensive are in the south, where a strong tourist centre has developed and attracts many visitors from England, Germany and the rest of Europe every year. Modern and numerous hotels with quality services and varied entertainment possibilities await tourists from May to October, for the mild climate and strong sunshine, which makes the
s an extended summer season destination.
Abastră Cave
, the bays, the beach with the wreck of a ship (Navaggio) is a representative image of the island all over the world and one of the most visited tourist spots. You can choose to sunbathe and swim in the crystal clear waters of the sea, dive or cruise around the island, go on mountain expeditions or just relax in the special and peaceful atmosphere there. Follow the offers with
charter flight included
Timisoara International Airport ” Traian Vuia “,

of travel agencies.

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Hammamet is a resort town on the Mediterranean coast located at
65 km
capital city
in the south-eastern part of the peninsula
Cap Bon
. As the name says (hammam meaning bath in Turkish), the wide beaches, clear and warm water have made this area a favourite destination since Islamic times. From the beginning of the 20th century the town became one of the country’s representative tourist resorts. Like most Tunisian cities and

has a Medina surrounded by fortifications and dating from the 15th century, with its fortress (casbah), and the ever-present souk. There are two main axes in Hammamet: the boulevard Habib Bourguiba and the boulevard Republic, very close to the city centre. To the west is
and to the north, Heroes’ Square where there is a small monument similar to the Eiffel Tower, in memory of the fallen heroes of the War of Independence. Because of its beaches, the city is a popular destination among swimming and water sports enthusiasts.

is the oldest tourist centre in
. All resorts in Tunisia have wonderful water parks and impeccable facilities, but among them, Hammamet it differs from the luxurious gardens all over the city. Tourists who decide to spend their holidays in Yasmine Hammamet There are long white sandy beaches, modern hotels with the highest standards of service and many bars, restaurants, shops and markets. Charter flights to Tunisia (Hammamet) are scheduled every Wednesday until the end of September. The flights are operated by the airline Air Bucharest.

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Spain’s largest island, and one of its most famous holiday destinations,
is located in
Mediterranean Sea
. Thanks to its ever-increasing popularity among tourists, Mallorca is usually associated with the idea of mass tourism, which can be said to have radically changed the face of the city and the island since the 1950s. Over the years, the island’s multicultural population has left its mark on the lifestyle of the natives, changing not only the traditional cuisine of yesteryear but also the island’s sociolinguistic map, so that today there is an increasing variety of restaurants on the island. Therefore, it would not be wrong to believe that Mallorca is the island that takes you to the seventh heaven of tastes and flavours, where more than 2,400 restaurants, be they small bars, bistros or cafés, open their doors, inviting you to enjoy your first sobrassada. Mallorca is the island of stark contrasts. Therefore, if you like to go to crowded places where you can make new friends for the rest of your life, then it’s best to head to the southern part of the island. But if you’re the type of uninhibited tourist who longs to conquer new peaks and discover idyllic landscapes, then take the time to explore the northern part of the island and be surprised at the sight of the crowning glory between the rocky mountains (Serra de Tramuntana) and the sea, from which fairy-tale beaches “spring”, protected by the wide embrace of the bays (Badia de Pollenca and Badia dAlcudia). You can escape the scorching sun Mallorca the south or you can escape the stifling afternoon heat by diving into the blue-green waters of the Palma Bay; you can always make your dream come true by taking advantage of the high standards offered by the luxury market and setting off on a charter (motorboat, yacht, skijet) to one of the green, uninhabited islands still in the vicinity of Mallorca, Cabrera and Dragonera. From
16 June
, you have charter flights from
to Mallorcaoperated by the airline
. Details of flight times and ticket prices can be found on the airline’s website, www.animawings.com

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Antalya enjoys an ideal climate with 300 sunny days a year, fine sandy beaches and crystal clear turquoise water, a paradise of water sports, gastronomy and shopping, making it a favourite and surprising holiday destination for many Romanian tourists. Year

is the year of holidays and if you haven’t chosen a holiday destination yet, we think Antalya meets even the most demanding requirements. This pearl of tourism offers gorgeous beaches, exclusive hotels, history-laden sights and absolutely delicious food!

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Hurghada is the oldest and most famous resort in
You find a world full of red and vibrant coral and fish that first brought Hurghada to worldwide attention, while on solid ground the once-solid fishing settlement has grown into a residential town that caters directly to tourism. For northern Europeans (who make up the bulk of Hurghada’s tourist influx), this is a prime winter destination, with white beaches and blue blues in abundance all year round. But while Hurghada’s main attraction tends to float on the beach, there’s plenty more, both in the water and on land, for travellers who want a taste of adventure.